Five Reasons to Buy Halocarbon Sevoflurane

Sevoflurane was first discovered as an inhalation anesthetic in the early 1970s. Since its clinical introduction in the 1990s, Sevoflurane has become the leading and most widely used inhalation anesthesia on the market. Sevoflurane is a staple in operating rooms around the world. For these reasons, it is vital to use Sevoflurane manufactured under Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) certifications to ensure high quality and purity. Here are the top five reasons to buy Halocarbon Sevoflurane.

Halocarbon Sevoflurane is Approved by the U.S. FDA

U.S. FDA approval is a benchmark recognized by regulatory bodies in countries around the globe.  Halocarbon Sevoflurane is approved by the U.S. FDA, and has successfully passed all follow-up audits.  Halocarbon customers can be assured Halocarbon Sevoflurane is quality tested and validated.

Halocarbon is a U.S.-based Supplier

Halocarbon is a fluorochemical company that is completely U.S. based. Halocarbon’s products, including Halocarbon Sevoflurane, are produced from basic raw materials utilizing vertically-integrated production processes in the United States. Because of this supply chain and manufacturing model, Halocarbon effectively manages and controls a network of trusted suppliers to ensure the quality and consistency of the raw materials used to manufacture its Sevoflurane product.

Halocarbon Ensures the Highest Purity

Halocarbon Sevoflurane exceeds USP standards. High purity levels are critical for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, high purity levels are important to patient safety, whether it is intended for human or animal anesthesia.  In addition, high purity levels also offer benefits for logistics and handling.  In general, the purity of Sevoflurane can influence the rate of degradation and promote a longer shelf-life.  Lastly, Halocarbon Sevoflurane is compatible with conventional anesthesiology equipment used in most operating rooms around the globe.

Halocarbon Offers Flexibility in Product Package Sizes

Whether you need Sevoflurane packaged in drums or bottles, Halocarbon Sevoflurane can be packaged to meet your needs. Halocarbon offers Sevoflurane in 250 mL bottles. The bottles are UV protected amber glass to mitigate exposure to sunlight and maximize shelf life.

Halocarbon Offers Flexibility and Exceptional Customer Service

Halocarbon is a private, family-owned U.S. company with a team of employees (including PhD’s) dedicated to the production and quality of Sevoflurane. Our devotion to our customers and our passion for creating breakthroughs enables us to produce high-quality products that are competitively priced around the world.

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bearpawFive Reasons to Buy Halocarbon Sevoflurane