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Fluorinated Building Blocks

Our Fluorinated Building Blocks

At Halocarbon Life Sciences, we understand the benefits of fluorochemistry to pharmaceutical applications, and are forging new partnerships and collaborations aimed at developing novel fluorine-containing building blocks that enable tighter and greater control over the chemical stability, pharmacokinetics, and bioefficacy of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Halocarbon Life Sciences provides a broad range of high-purity BioGrade® fluorochemicals specifically designed for use as intermediates and building-blocks in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Our scientists are actively collaborating with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop new synthetic and production processes aimed at making the incorporation of fluorine into pharmaceuticals safer, easier, and more cost-effective.


Hexafluoroisopropyl derivatives are beginning to gain traction in medicinal chemistry due to their unique properties and ability to introduce two trifluoromethyl groups into a molecule. High purity Halocarbon Life Sciences HFIP allows for the installation of this unique functional group into a molecule as hexafluoroisopropyl ethers, esters, amines, amides, or carbamates.

Trifluoroacetic Acid

TFA and its derivatives are known precursors to many fluorinated compounds, including intermediates for numerous pharmaceutical APIs. Halocarbon Life Sciences trifluoroacetic acid derivatives offer a facile method to incorporate the trifluoromethyl-group into more complex molecules, providing high-purity solutions for drug discovery and large-scale commercial production.

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