An Introduction to Halocarbon Life Sciences

At Halocarbon Life Sciences we understand the benefits of fluorochemistry to Life Sciences, and work with our clients and partners to develop new technologies aimed at enabling greater control over the chemical stability, pharmacokinetics, and bioefficacy of biologically-active compounds.  Our legacy of innovation in the Life Sciences began in the 1950s, when Halocarbon became one of the first US-based producers of fluorinated anesthesia, with the commercialization of Fluroxene in 1959 and Halothane in the early 1960s.  Throughout the years, Halocarbon Life Sciences scientists and engineers continued to research and develop new fluorochemical technologies and manufacturing processes to support and enable a broad range of Life Science applications – from finished drug products and fluorinated pharmaceutical building blocks to biotech and agrochemical intermediates.  Today, Halocarbon Life Sciences is recognized as a world-class GMP supplier of Isoflurane and Sevoflurane, and as a trusted and reliable manufacturer of trifluoroacetic acid and trifluoroethanol for the agrochemical industry.

Chemistry + Collaboration Creates Breakthroughs

Halocarbon Life Sciences partners with clients to create product breakthroughs that improve day-to-day lives by unlocking the benefits of fluorochemistry. Specialty chemical manufacturers often have a “sales catalog mentality,” usually offering “off-the-shelf” solutions. At Halocarbon, we go beyond these limits — working strategically with our clients to invent new possibilities, and create unique solutions that improve their products… and their bottom line. Our chemistry makes products safer, longer lasting, and higher performing. Ultimately, we increase value for our partners and their customers — while positively impacting day-to-day lives.

Our Agility is Your Advantage

As a privately-owned company, Halocarbon Life Sciences provides agility and flexibility not found in larger chemical companies. Unlike large, public chemical companies, Halocarbon Life Sciences does not seek massive volume or revenue targets from our clients before we begin. We approach each client with an “entrepreneurial curiosity” to create new and improved products that truly improve their bottom line. Our chemists and engineers commit the time and energy required to develop new ideas into commercial reality. When it’s time for production, we can redesign and adapt our facilities to meet capacity and delivery requirements.

Our Legacy of Innovation Brings You More Today

Halocarbon Life Sciences has been working with fluorocarbon-based chemistry since the 1950s, making us one of the world’s foremost experts in the field. Not only do we know fluorochemistry – we understand its potential application to everyday life, and are constantly seeking new ways to make life better with the work that we do. At Halocarbon Life Sciences, we partner with our clients to create breakthroughs, such as more efficient pharmaceuticals, more effective crop protection chemicals, and higher performing, safer electronics. There are no limits to the possibilities when we work together.

“Welcome to the New Halocarbon Life Sciences, where we aspire to be a Great Company and do Great Things. The work here really matters as we live out our Vision to help improve the quality of life through breakthroughs in fluorochemistry. We are truly looking to create breakthroughs for our clients and society by leveraging our Core Values of Caring, Curiosity, Collaboration, and Competitive Spirit. Ask us how we can help you create your next breakthrough, and let’s dig in together!”

David Bacon CEO of Halocarbon

Our Vision

To help improve the quality of life through breakthroughs in fluorochemistry.

Our Mission

We collaborate with our partners to create fluorochemistry breakthroughs that improve products and impact lives. We encourage entrepreneurial curiosity in all that we do, both internally and externally.

Our Core Values

At Halocarbon our four core values guide the way we approach our clients, colleagues, and the work that we do on a day-to-day basis.


We have a genuine concern for the safety and wellness of our employees, their families, and our society.


We approach our clients with an entrepreneurial mindset and endeavor to solve the toughest chemistry challenges.


We approach our clients as true partners, placing their interests above our own.

Competitive Spirit

We play to win—acting with a sense of urgency and leveraging high-performance teamwork.