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BioGrade® Trifluoroethanol (TFE)

BioGrade® TFE is an ultra high purity grade of trifluoroethanol designed for use in purity-critical fields such as peptide or protein research and in applications where very low levels of impurities and nonvolatile residue are desired. It can be used directly from the bottle without any further purification.

Molecular Weight 100.04
Boiling Point 73.5°C
Melting Point -45°C
Flash Point 105°F (Open cup method) / 86°F (Closed cup method)
Density 1.382 g/cm3
Vapor Pressure (25°C) 70mm Hg
Appearance Colorless liquid
Odor Alcohol-like odor
Solubility in water Soluble


Additional Information

– Assay by gas chromatography, wt%: 99.99 min*
– Chloride, wt%: 0.0005 max
– Fluoride, wt%: 0.001 max
– Water, wt%: 0.10% max
– Residue on Evaporation, wt%: 0.0010 max
– Color: 0 – 5 APHA
– pH,10% v/v: 5.0 min – 7.5 max
* Does not include water

– BioGrade® 20.0 kg case: 4 pack of 5.0 kg glass bottles in individual foam overpacks (sold only as a 20.0 kg case).


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